Target group

Persons in non-tertiary, vocational and further education courses, for example:

  • Trainees
  • Vocational school students
  • Persons in formally ordered continuing education courses according to state or federal law
  • Graduates of the named programs up to twelve months after graduation

Persons in the field of vocational training, for example:

  • Trainers
  • teachers
  • career counselors
  • Leaders of training institutions
  • Persons responsible for training planning, personnel development and career orientation.

Project contents

International work experience is, in addition to language skills, more and more often part of the job requirement profile. Staying abroad in vocational education and training is an excellent opportunity to acquire international professional skills. The ÜAG as receiving institution organizes in the region of Jena vocational internships, training sections and other trainings. The learning stays can be made flexible in terms of time and space so that they meet the learning needs and goals of the respective target group.

Project output

  • Gaining international professional experience
  • Acquisition or improvement of language skills
  • Get to know the region of Jena

type of education



Erasmus + is funded by the European Union and national agencies in the EU countries.

Entry requirements

see the national program information in your country

Project period / Course period

2014 - 2020


see the national program information in your country


The ÜAG gGmbH is a host institution for the Jena region. Internships and company stays can be provided in a variety of industries and businesses.


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